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ATSG as Global Asset Managers to Gartena and with GGIE Singapore providing a Waste-2-Energy-2-Diesel Process, will provide Investors, Clients, GCC governments, and GCC institutions et. al., with a Turn-Key W2E Plant Construction Plan, with a fully pre-appointed Professional Consortium, through the ATSG Unique and Bespoke IP Construction Bond Asset-Backed Security (“IP-CbAbSMatrix”) and arranged Totally Integrated Insurance Products (“TIIP”).

The TIIP is Tailor-Made through the ATSG’s direction, instruction and appointment of Strategic Partners, Marsh & McLennan (“MARSH” encompassing Jardine Lloyd Thompson), and Arthur J Gallagher & Co (“AJG”), International Insurance Brokerages. In line with the IP-CbAbSMatrix and TIIP, ATSG also provides a BoilerPlate Securitization Plan which includes various Structured Funding Schemes, which can also be combined with the unique position to arrange and facilitate Public/Private Funding Structures (“PPP and PFI”) and the ATSG Hallmark, Bespoke and Specialist OTC Private Placement Initiative Methodology (“PPIM”), that will reduce the Direct Capital Investment, in order that the specific GCC W2E Plants are built “On Time and On Budget”, with all “Quantifiable Risk Solutions” built into the IP - Gartena W2E- ODF Program, (Design/Build of a Waste-2-Energy-2-Diesel Process through GGIE Singapore), and that is inclusive, extensive and with long term Recycling Solutions as well as support services covering areas such as technology, legislation and economics, as the Global Asset Managers.

Development Consortium

Gartena are the Principal owners of the IP-ODF ATSG are the Principal owners of the IP-CbAbSMatrix and for the implementation of the Totally Integrated Insurance Products (“TIIP”).

There will be JV - SPC's formed for each of the GCC Country/Regions for the W2E Projects. ATSG will be the Asset Management Company to; Gartena, GGEI, the Consortium, the JV-SPC's and all the W2E Projects.

ATSG will be providing their Bespoke IP-CbAbSMatrix, the BoilerPlate Securitization Plan, PPIM and the arrangements for the TIIP.

Gartena has the IP and Patent for the Renewable Waste Management, and will be providing their necessary Licensing and Technicians.

GGIE has the Patent for the W2E2-Diesel Process, and will be providing their necessary Licensing and Technicians.


Allied Trust Securities Group – Asset Managers
Sterling Chase Capital - part of ATSG and acts as Management Consultants.
Acadis NV, Lead PMC - Preferred EPC Contractor appointed by ATSG for Gartena W2E Projects
Regierungsbaumeister Schlegel GmbH & Co. KG – are to provide the design for the Gartena W2E Projects in conjunction with Gartena and the PMC GGIE EPC Contractor -  will be Black & Veatch.
Marsh & McLennan (encompassing Jardine Lloyd Thompson) and AJ Gallagher & Co International Insurance Brokers - for the TIIP.
Advanced Capital Solutions Ltd - FCA - for Underwriting arrangements.


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